Cold Fusion Web Hosting Benefits

ColdFusion web hosting is a Macromedia software suite. It is designed to access updates and chart databases from any web browser. The application is very versatile and facilitates web developers and users to tap into the infinite potential of the internet. ColdFusion enhances ecommerce sites by enabling:

• Access to site-specific databases
• Information from other sources
• Publish and automatically remove time-sensitive content
• Access to an autonomous and user-friendly software system

With complete access to business essentials like flight schedules and zip codes, ColdFusion enhances business applications by raising web hosting functionality and subsequently generates the scope to efficiently manage mailing lists and business reports without much human intervention. Business applications like customer oriented print-content and menus are enhanced via the .cfm extension.

ColdFusion Markup Language or CFML allows the business and your personal client interactions to benefit from:

• The Java platform, without the associated complexities
• Access to a tag-based language, similar to HTML and XML
• A server-side language in HTML, content that is read and interpreted by the Cold Fusion host server

Although ColdFusion web hosting is more expensive than other web hosting forums, the tools make the investment worth every dollar. This Macromedia software suite is run on Windows 2000/NT/2003 and also supported by Linux and Sun. It not only offers you upgraded disk space, bandwidth, uptime and support, but also empowers the business with tag restrictions, additional security and dedicated database support.

The ColdFusion web hosting security concern is mainly due to the associated ‘high risk’ tags. Access enables identification and erasure of select files from the server. This functionality is crucial for any online business venture, but can be a concern if the application is abused or in the hands of scrupulous individuals. The upscale factor is that ColdFusion hosting is accessible via shared, virtual, and dedicated servers.

If the business website is designed to generate revenue, then ColdFusion web hosting is for you. The investment on this Java platform overpowers the intimidating price.
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