Linux/Unix Web Hosting Advantages

It must be kept in mind that there is a stark difference between Linux and Microsoft Windows as operating systems. Linux is a comparatively new introduction to the world of operating systems and even though both Linux and Microsoft Windows are amazing it would be apt to know the difference between the twain. The differences between these two operating systems are as follows:

Cost: Linux is usually referred to as the operating system that has its source “open”. This means that this particular operating system doesn’t require any licensing fee that one has to pay. Linux is cheaper in comparison to the Windows. There are other advantages of using Linux over the Windows XP. Windows XP for example can only be installed once in a computer but that is not the case with Linux as once you own a copy, it can be installed for an incessant amount of times as per as your wishes.

Reliability: The factor of reliability also comes up and Linux scores over windows again. The Linux is both more stable as well as more reliable than its Windows counterpart and there are lesser chances of it to crash.

Experience: As a web hosting company, Linux also scores top marks and scores a lot more than the Windows on the factor of experience.

Speed: A difference cannot be as such found between Windows and Linux as per as the subject of speed is concerned. It has however been found that Linux is a little faster than Windows while processing the basic web pages.

Functionality: ASP or the Active Server Pages are supported by the Windows and this is primarily a scripting language as was introduced to the world by Microsoft. ASP allows a user to build up many database web pages after properly connecting them to a database of Microsoft like the Access. Bearing sharp contrast to the above mentioned, Linux is not in favor of ASP but prefers to use MySQL database. It is here that we can mention the fact that the Linux accounts are all free of cost and one need not pay a ingle penny for them. Linux accounts are armed with many free of cost Frontpage extensions which have a few very important advantages. The primary advantage that you can derive from them would be the fact that you would be able to upload your Frontpage website to your very own web space on a particular Linux server.

Scripts: Speaking of scripts, there is a multiplicity of CGI programs available on the Net and most of them are Perl scripts and all of them mainly have been made on the Unix/Linux servers and if we add, there are several Perl scripts that are available as free download.

In conclusion we can say that a majority of users prefer and find Linux to be easier to use and more reliable. The Linux is also cheaper in terms of money than the hosting as done by the Windows. Thus it is advised that you go for Linux unlimited web hosting instead of the Windows.

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