Dec 2009

What is collocation hosting?

Whenever you look for a hosting provider to host your business website, you must be concentrating on low budget packages. There could be times when you have to compromise quality and features for budget. If you want to save money and at the same time, enjoy the benefits of a decent hosting package, you should look for collocation hosting.

Using collocation hosting, you will have your own server, lug it to the office of the data center and install it along with the servers in the rack. As different from shared hosting, where you share a server or dedicated hosting, where you rent server, with collocation hosting, you actually own the complete hardware required for website hosting.

At the same time, you will have complete resources as in an established data center. The responsibility of the management and upkeep of the server will always lie on your shoulders. The collocation hosting provider could be stand alone systems or third party companies. It can also be a web hosting reseller.

What you will enjoy most about collocation hosting will be the freedom to determine the hardware and software you use and have an idea of the expensive factors of hosting, which could be decided by you.

The cost of such a hosting package usually depends on the rack space provided or taken by the servers you use for website hosting. Along with this space, you will be charged for the bandwidth as well. All extra services offered by the provider will be charged. If you want to insure your hardware, you will have to pay for the server insurance as well.

Once you are ready with the server and are going to work with it, you should step up measures for protecting your hardware. Your equipment is the most expensive and crucial factor here. If you want to shift your server, make sure that you put it in a secure package and have an insurance to cover it.

If the server for collocation hosting is physically near to you, you will be able to deliver an easy and fast maintenance. This will help you have optimal speed, and performance for your website as well.

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