Dec 2009

Why Dedicated Hosting?

Shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting are the two most commonly heard names in the world of web hosting. If you are looking to have complete control over your website, and have independent hardware and software for running your website, dedicated web hosting is the ideal choice. With this kind of hosting, you ought to have more responsibility over buying, installing and maintaining the website.

Fast answer: With shared hosting, you might have noticed that your customers are unsatisfied with your website, just because the website is not responding at the pace expected by the customer. Now, you can try changing your shared hosting provider. Even in such cases, you might be disappointed to see that, almost all providers are delivering equal speed. Now, you should realize that it is time to switch to dedicated hosting providers. As your website starts reflecting that customers are important and starts responding faster to the queries, and browsing needs of your customers, you will start receiving more website traffic.

Trustworthiness: Security, reliability, trust, etc, are some important factors that a customer will look for in your website. Customers will always be curious about security regarding the information they share with you. In such cases, you tend to be more responsible and this is where you realize that you need complete control of a website and this is possible only through dedicated hosting.

Personalization: A website always reflects the span of your business. Hence, a website started at the initial stages of your business might not fit your needs as you expand your business arena. You might have to change your website as a whole, including disk space and bandwidth. In such situations, a shared hosting provider will demand that you change the plan or package, which is not an easy process. In many cases, this might fail to meet your exact requirements. As you use dedicated hosting, you can easily switch forward or backward as demanded by your business. Whenever you need changes in your website, simply upgrade it through simple steps.

If you want to do justice to your business and website visitors, dedicated hosting will provide you with more chances. You will not have to waste your capital for unnecessary needs. Otherwise simply go with unlimited shared hosting.