Why You should Avoid Free Hosts

The array of business and personal websites on the internet is amazing. People across the globe, both businessmen and those pursuing the net for personal reasons, capitalize 24x7 on global web presence. For a simple personal page with no time to handle the inconveniences and intricacies associated, the free web host is your best option. If you are the owner of a business website or a regularly visited personal site and keep expecting a large number of visitors, then the significance of the endeavor is lost with the free web host.

The whole exercise becomes very frustrating and unprofessional. However, like in the real world, in the online arena too, every problem brings along a solution! There are a number of free web hosting services that can be identified on the internet. Their basic requirement is that their promotional advertisements should be displayed on the business website. Although, such ads can be in the form of simple links either at the top or bottom of the website or a particular web page, the presence itself can get extremely intrusive and interfering.

Pop up advertisements become a menace to regular clientele and this can tell on your business in general. Customers are completely put off and frustrated with unnecessary ads on a website. They are not only driven away, but also, many a time, they do not come back. The advertisements enable the host to make money each time the ads are clicked on. Although they allow you free access to their owned servers, they pile on and make money via visits to your site.

Free web hosting services are also known to be unreliable. They not only slow down access, but also make a mess when handling a large number of visitors, at any given point in time. These free hosting servers host thousands of customer websites simultaneously and this results in a slow down when clients view your website. These resources also do not guarantee that the server will continue to operate for a fixed amount of time and offer little or no support should you run into some related problems. The free web host server providers are also known for lack of storage space allowed, restriction on your personal advertising on the business website, and content restriction.

They do not support dynamic scripting like PHP, ASP and PERL. This greatly restricts optimization of the possibilities and potential you could tap via your own website. The free service providers also offer a longer URL that makes it difficult for clients to remember. The site remains open to a number of security threats, in the absence of a secure network. Some such service providers are also known to sell your personal contact information and that of the business to spammers. The investment of precious time and energy simply results in more of a headache. With a little more monetary investment, you can secure a safer business website.

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