LifeTime Host Review

"One Lifetime, One Plan". Offering hosting for just $99 FOR ETERNITY, that’s LifeTime Host triumph card. Cheaper than a year in most hosting companies, you don’t need to worry about renewal dates or anything. You will pay once in your whole life for hosting, and after that you even can give it to your grandchildren! Even if you are not really sure about this you can give it a try paying a monthly fee of just $4.95 a month. Even that is cheap.

But of course, what’s the point of paying for something, even if it’s a few dollars and just once in your life, if you won’t get a good piece of service?

LifeTime Host comes with all the features needed for your online business or personal blog. You have the possibility to create countless POP3 email accounts, protect them with a strong spam and virus filtering, using autoresponders and email forwarding, and access them via Outlook or a web-based interface.

About the hosting itself, you can use all the technologic paraphernalia available: ASP, Perl, Javascript, MySQL, AJAX, DNS management, dedicated IP address, etc. Of course if you are new to all this, you can count with the user-friendly Control Panel and File Managers. Even if you are a blogger and do not need databases and stuff, you have an application vault with over 500 apps, like polls, Blogger integration, counters, photo galleries, web chat and a huge etcetera.

So as you see, it’s not only about the price but the services. All this with a 90-days, full money refund guarantee.

In terms of reliability, LifeTime Host brings another punch in the face to those who claimed cheap stuff won’t last.

Featuring the highest rate Ethernet connections available to other Bay Area facilities, exclusive facilities especially designed for excellent air flow and maintaining, UPS and emergency generator for power protection, and a redundancy system that would allow your site to be online even if the hosting server is down, LifeTime Host proved to be a hell of a reliable service.

As stated before, they have strong antivirus and spam protections, and the servers are monitored 24/7. There’s also a backup manager included, so even in a worst-case scenario, your data will not be lost.

Customer Support
There are several ways to get in touch with LifeTime Host support department. You can do it via mail or live chat, where operator
s are available 24 h a day, every single day of the year. They also have a support ticket generator, to report every single issue you could have with the service. Oh, and for all those people that feel more comfortable doing things by themselves, there’s and extensive knowledge base with tons of related information

Control Panel
LifeTime Host uses a version of cPanel control panel. This popular set of control panel has earned a name in the industry because it’s extremely easy to use, as well as being able to support most of the features used in online hosting. It’s so easy to use that, even if you are lacking in any in-depth technical knowledge, you can still use cPanel to manage your site, blog or business database
in a  simple, easy-to-use interface.

All in all, LifeTime Host stay
s true to their leitmotiv, they offer an excellent service with probably the best price in the market EVER. A single payment and you are ready to have your site up FOR LIFE.



From $4.95 / month

$99 - Lifetime offer

Setup FREE
Disk Space 10 GB
Money Back 90 DAYS
Domains ONE
Stats YES
Shopping Cart NO
Emails YES
SSL Support YES
Backups YES
Phone Support NO
Live Chat YES
Email Support YES

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