JUN 2013

The Essentials of Coding - PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET

It is not easy when you have to make a choice between versatile LINUX web hosting and the flexible Windows. However, with a little research and a dedicated approach, the task can be simplified according to specific business needs. It is important to know the language of your business website prior to choosing any one particular web hosting platform or server. Linux is the best choice when it comes to a simple HTML site, ecommerce site or one that accommodates any programming-database feature within php-MySql. However, if you own a business or personal website that is in ASP, or ASP.NET, the obvious choice would have to be Windows.

You need to know the difference between ASP.NET, PHP and MySQL web hosting. ASP.NET web hosting is marketed by Microsoft and is a division of the .NET web hosting platform. It took over where Active Server Pages technology gave way. This web application development technology helps to generate and build dynamic websites, related applications, and also XML Web services. ASP.NET reduces the number of codes, which helps in simplifying web application building and maintenance.

The program is easier, more flexible, and supports multiple .NET languages. It facilitates the combination of the source code and HTML making the web pages easy to write and upgrade periodically. This is mainly due to the versatile built-in configuration information accessible, and the removal of unnecessary registration of components. ASP.NET web application is faster and can be accessed by multiple users with consistency. PHP web hosting refers to the Hypertext Preprocessor program.

This reflective programming language works as a server-side scripting language in the process of web development. The program allows you to create websites that are highly interactive. PHP web hosting accommodates HTML code and is also frequently used alongside APACHE. The dynamic PHP web hosting accepts the inputs from text, and PHP instructions, and reflects a different data stream. It is deployable within most operating systems, servers and related platforms. MySQL web hosting is a multi-user language.

The basic design is multithreaded and the computer language is dedicated to enhance management and retrieval of data. This program is also used for effective and timely database access control management and scheme modification. The SQL database management system has ten million installations. MySQL is very versatile and accommodates web application, open-source bug tracking tools and database components of LAMP, WAMP and MAMP. Though it is related to PHP web hosting, it has a client base of its own, according to features available.

Websites such as WordPress run on a PHP – MySQL combination. A proper understanding of ASP.NET, PHP, and MySQL web hosting services helps in choosing a server efficiently and cost effectively. With the kind of investment you make in an online business it serves you well to be well-informed and indulge in a little comparison shopping. You need to weigh the dynamics of each program and look into business specific requirements prior to picking either the program or the server. ASP.NET, PHP and MySQL web hosting services are designed for proactive use and lasting profitability.

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